Resonant Blade Indie Game Devlog #1

Hey everyone. I'm kind of new to game development, but so far enjoy the versatility and challenge of it. Resonant Blade, a 2D Action RPG, is my first kind of larger-scoped game that I'm creating. So far, I've created some of the basics like a main character sprite, some animations and movement controls, basic sword swing combat mechanics, a simple UI, and some enemies.  The main mechanic that I'm working on is the combat. I want to somehow tie in game audio to the combat so that the player will become reliant on using sound to help defeat enemies. Enemies will have certain resonant frequencies tied to them. If the player changes the Resonant Blade to the matching enemy resonant frequency, they will be able to damage the enemy. Think of the Borg from Star Trek with their shields and how the Enterprise crew have to shift their phaser frequencies to get through the Borg's shields. It's kind of like that but with a sword. 

More coming soon!

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