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Harness the sonic power of the Resonant Blade to battle the Dark Synths in this 2d sci-fi action-adventure inspired by games like Hyper Light Drifter and classic Zelda games!


Play through a short demo of Resonant Blade.

  • Fight your foes with sonic-powered attacks and combos.
  • Scan for resonant tones to exploit your enemies’ weak points.
  • Listen for resonant tones to solve puzzles and discover secrets.

V 0.0.5 Changelog

Hey everyone! The new build for PC/Mac is out now! For this experimental build, the game progression can be done out of order with the grenades unlocked from the start. That way, you don't have to fight the first boss if you don't want. You can go straight to the Underwater Tunnel area from the Abandoned Subway.

Gameplay / Mechanics

  • Scanner is now cooldown ability instead of a toggle. Scanner will display enemy resonance color for a couple of seconds and enable enemy resonance sound for 10 seconds. Scanner cooldown is 10 seconds.
  • Added Sonic Grenades. For this build, players will start with these unlocked. [ Hold Shift + L-Click ] or [ LT + ( A ) ] to use. Change direction of throw with WASD / L-Joystick.
  • Reworked Atlas's 3-hit attack combo and added in new attack animations. The 3rd attack in the combo can now be performed with a quick button press instead of having to hold it before. Hitting the attack button while already performing an attack will put the next attack in a buffered state and will automatically attack after finishing the current attack.
  • Added Resonant Stones. Atlas can strike these to charge the Resonant Blade's Wave Blade or Cymatic Heal ability.
  • Added speeder controls (movement and shooting).
  • Added hoverboard in Lower Ionia allowing the player to move around much more quickly.
  • The crystal switches and loot chests will not reset on scene load in the Ionia Underground maps.

Art / UI / SFX

  • UI dialogue text is much more crisp and clear.
  • Added new floating text boxes for various NPCs.
  • Added several new NPCs.
  • Added new map: Locria Underwater Tunnel, Locria Subway Tunnel, Locria Subway Entrance, and Delta Force HQ.
  • New title screen art.
  • Added holo hint item that shows the player how to access and look at the inventory menus.
  • Added new sounds for speeder engine.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where some audio files were missing
  • Fixed bug where parrying a melee attack doesn’t always add a Resonant Charge
  • Fixed bug where background health and energy bars would appear in the intro cutscene of the Dark Synth HQ Raid map.
  • Fixed a bug where Atlas didn’t scale correctly while on a moving platform.
  • Fixed a TextMeshPro bug where sprite-in text was reset to default sprites after updating Unity and TextMeshPro
  • The player shouldn't freeze anymore when encountering the first Synth Swordfighter enemy in the Abandoned Subway map.

Bug Reports / Feedback: https://forms.gle/FUc5YD4CovuQrLQD9

Thanks for playing! More updates coming soon...

Resonant Blade is still in development. Watch my devlog series here.

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Love this game. Subscribed to your channel. I wish you the best in your game development journey!


Thanks so much!